Sunday, 17 October 2010

A poem for my friends

(For AJ, KK, SM and SM)

For me, you have been candles
That glowing, guiding light
That showed my how one handles
The daunting without fright.

For me, you have been warm
That fire, shinig bright
Ablaze in the darkest storm
Keeping me through the night.

For me, you have been spring
Those splendid, budding flowers
That did my spirit fling
Higher than tall towers.

For me, you are a friend
Helping hands did to me lend
You're people I shall never forget
The best I've ever met.
~Sreddy Yen


jeannette said...

Oh, Sreddy, you should do more poetry!! You're good at it -really!

HiddenFlame said...

Wow, Sreddy! Your poetry skills are immensely impressive! :-) Well done!
[HiddenFlame = Renate, btw.]