Sunday, 21 November 2010

After the rain...

...this was what I found crawling along my window!

Snails are such slow-moving creatures and most people find them to be mundane. However, I found some very interesting facts about them that may show that they aren’t that boring:

As snails move they leave behind slime. This slime is like a powerful form of suction for them. This is why they are even able to move upside down, around corners, and other comical situations. It is a myth that this type of slime is going to make humans ill. Many people worry that snails being in their garden will ruin the foods grown there and make them unfit for consumption but that is all false.

They have the reproductive organs of both males and females which categorizes them as hermaphrodites. However, the myth that they can create offspring on their own is false. They must mate with another and then both of them will have the ability to lay eggs.

Snails don’t see very well so they have to rely upon their good sense of smell to help them find their prey. They also aren’t able to hear.

Snails are very strong and can lift up to 10 times their own body weight in a vertical position.

It is believed that there are at least 200,000 species of mollusks out there including snails. Many of them haven’t been found and classified yet.


Guillaume said...

Hey, thank you for commenting on my blog, and in very good French! I love snails too, there are lots around here in England, they are fascinating creatures. I do have to confess that I like the taste of them too...

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